Welcome To God's Glory Ministries

First Lady Andrea McCoy serves as an encouragement to the GGM family in more capacities than mentionable. Her humble, yet confident spirit provides a place of refuge, refreshing and biblical revelation for the women of the ministry. First Lady, as she is affectionately called by the congregation, models an inward assurance that produces an outward glow as she works alongside her husband. The Montgomery native draws heavily from her work as a licensed cosmetologist as she shows women within the ministry that true beauty comes from within. She oversees the Women of Distinction Women’s Ministry, praise dance, greeters and ushers. Together, they are having a measurable impact on shaping the lives of women and men within the ministry into a reflection of God’s glory.

Pastor Jeff McCoy was flat on his back – literally, when he heard the voice of the Lord calling him to ministry. While recovering from an injury that left him unable to pursue his career, Pastor Jeff found himself in pain physically and bewildered emotionally. Now, almost a decade later, he is clear that the experience prepared him for his greatest pursuit – a life of ministry leadership.

His skills as a born athlete and avid fisherman made the conversion into ministry almost seamless. Pastor Jeff’s tenacious spirit for going after the broken-hearted, abused and seemingly forgotten is evidenced by the outreach efforts of his congregation, God’s Glory Ministries. The church annually sponsors a bi-annual Block Party, collaborates with area churches for neighborhood clean-up efforts and has partnered with such organizations as the Nazarene church to broaden their ability to evangelize.

His simple approach to personal accountability around people reaching their greatest potential is best summarized in the ministry’s motto S.T.A.R.T. – Stop making excuses, Take inventory of your life, Act in faith, Refocus on the things of God and Trust God. As a result, Pastor Jeff’’s leadership is transitioning a vibrant and growing community of believers from the religious acts of ‘church’ into an active relationship with Christ. The Lafayette, Alabama native serves in ministry with his lovely wife of 21 years, Andrea McCoy, their three children and one grandchild.